This is an unofficial wiki about the Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry light novel series and all related media, including an ongoing manga series and an anime series by. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Episode VidstreamingChoose this server; StreamangoChoose this server; EstreamChoose this server; OloadChoose this server. Anime Like Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. Here are my favorite picks for anime like Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, also known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight in English.

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Slice-of-life and moe anime are my speciality, though I think something good can be found in almost every show. Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Are you caught up on the manga? Summon the Beasts Baka and Test: Previous Articles Top 5 Anime by Nagareboshi. Write a Review Likes Date.

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Takamura, Yuuta Episode Director. Chivalry of a Failed Knight Japanese: Well for as mix'd as it sounds the author manages to bring these two together somehow and it doesn't feel off. Tatsuya and Ikki both have to deal with being seen as weak constantly, despite their true abilities, but being honourable young men have higher priorities than worrying about the judgement of others. He sees something fall from a building one day and jumps from a very large distance into a room via an open window to give the fallen item back.

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